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A key part of our success involves the personal growth and development of each crew member. As safety is our top priority, we would like to highlight training requirements that will apply to all crew members.

Prior to your arrival, you will receive an arrival letter that outlines the process you need to follow and has important information about documents you must complete and return.

Your first few days with Disney Cruise Line will typically include shoreside training near your port of embark. A more detailed training schedule will be provided to you once you embark your ship.

Personal Survival Techniques (PST)

To work onboard a Disney Cruise Line vessel, ALL crew members, regardless of position, must possess a valid STCW Personal Survival Techniques (PST) certification. If you do not already possess a valid certificate, this mandatory training will either take place shoreside prior to embarking the ship or on Disney's private island, Castaway Cay. The timing and location of your training will depend on the ship you are scheduled to join.

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In order to receive a PST certificate, participants are required to pass a written assessment based on content learned during class instruction, as well as actively demonstrate the below criteria in a swimming pool:

  • Safely jump from a height into the water
  • Demonstrate the use of a life jacket
  • Turn over an inverted life raft while wearing the life jacket
  • Swim while wearing a life jacket
  • Keep afloat for one (1) minute without a life jacket or other assistance
  • Board a survival craft from ship and water while wearing a life jacket
  • Stream a sea-anchor
  • Operate survival craft equipment including radio equipment

You must successfully complete and pass this training to be employed on a Disney Cruise Line vessel. Although it is not a requirement to be able to swim, you must be able to remain afloat without a life jacket in order to successfully complete the course.

If you already possess this certification or any additional STCW certificates, all certificates must be pre-validated and recognized by Disney Cruise Line before your departure. If Disney Cruise Line confirms your certificate is valid, you must travel with your original certificate in hand.

You will be required to present your original certificate(s) to the shipboard Safety Officer upon embarkation.

Training Classes

  • Traditions

    Orientation Training is known as ”Disney Traditions.“ In this class, crew members learn about the heritage and values of The Walt Disney Company and Disney Cruise Line.

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    Upon finishing your shoreside training, you will embark the ship, and your training cruise will begin. All new hires will take part in the training courses mentioned above. You will also take a tour of the ship, meet key individuals onboard, visit the medical center to complete drug testing, and meet your trainer(s). Your training cruise will involve several days of on-the-job training so you can learn about your new position. You will also learn about onboard policies and procedures, as well as your privileges as a crew member.

    At the end of the training cruise, you will be prepared to interact confidently with guests and other crew members. Eventually, you will move into your cabin, meet your new cabin mate(s) and officially begin your job with Disney Cruise Line!

  • Regulatory Training

    Courses that are required by international regulations such as:

    • STCW (Standards of Training, Certification, and Watch keeping for Seafarers)
    • SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea)
  • On-the-Job Training

    Training for all new crew members is designed to make them more familiar with their positions and Disney standards. Crew members will also learn about the equipment and resources available to exceed guests' expectations.

  • Officer Training

    In addition to the standard training that every new hire participates in, Officers are given the opportunity to take part in additional online and classroom-facilitated training and development courses.

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    As an Officer, you will participate in a classroom and computer-based program during your first year of employment. This will help you with the transition into becoming a Disney leader. This formal program is based on three pillars of leadership – engaging with your crew members and guests, connecting with the product, and experiencing the Disney brand from a crew and guest perspective. Courses include topics such as communication and listening, coaching, recognition, problem solving, safety management and more. In addition, training focuses on:

    • Expectations: Our company's vision, value proposition, and leadership requirements
    • Heritage: Inspiration to become a world-class Disney leader
    • Culture: An understanding of key cultural themes within our organization
    • Strategies: How to effectively transition into and succeed within a new leadership position

    Ongoing training is available to all our Officers because we are committed to investing in the growth of our talented leaders.