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Disney Look

Our appearance guidelines are an important part of our heritage and must be followed from day one. This document reviews the Disney Look guidelines for Disney Cruise Line.

Whether attending Traditions or when you are in your final work location, there are important guidelines each Crew Member needs to follow.

Disney Look

Costume Information

Disney Cruise Line provides you with a company uniform, or "costume," free of charge (may not include shoes see grid for shoe details) which you receive during your first cruise. The Wardrobe staff will fit you into the costume for your work area and explain how it should be worn properly.

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Officers are identifiable by costume and nametag. Select Officer Positions wear "Whites." The stripes (epaulettes) worn on their shoulders denote their rank onboard. The color between the stripes or embroidered logo on the epaulette often indicates which department they are part of. For example: blue ribbon = Human Resources; propeller blade = Engineering.

A few reminders about costumes:

  • You will be issued a small number of costumes to keep in your crew cabin
  • You are responsible for keeping your costume/uniform in a neat condition
  • Dirty or worn costumes can be exchanged for clean ones in the Crew Wardrobe area during operating hours
  • Costumes/uniforms are worn at all times while working
  • Nametags are required at all times for crew members working or passing through onstage (guest) areas, as well as for crew members working in non-guest facing areas
  • To maintain the guest experience, it may be necessary to wear your costume/uniform in an onstage area even if you are not working. This depends on your position, and is common for Officers.

Shoe Information

Arrive prepared! Some shoes are provided and others require that you purchase them prior to your arrival.

Shoes should be comfortable and conservative, with discrete markings or brand logos, if any. Shoes must be clean and neat at all times, and it is your responsibility to keep them in good condition. Buckles, metal tabs, bows or other decorative distractions are not permitted.

Additional shoe styles are available for purchase once onboard ship at an additional cost charged to your onboard account.

Review the chart below and the Disney Cruise Line Look Book to determine what is considered an appropriate shoe choice and meet the Disney Look requirements.

Select below the department and then your position to see which shoes are required.

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